Monday, April 11, 2011

Snap Matter Photo Contest is over. Now on to Issue Two!

Congratulations to Nicole Roberts on winning the Snap Matter Magazine Photo Contest. Nicole's image by WinterWolf Studios will be published in the second issue of Snap Matter Magazine that will be published in early June. Nicole also wins $100 cash for her winning image. If you would like to see all of the honored images, go to or go to the Contest Winners Snap Matter Magazine Blog.

Now that the photo contest is over, it is time to put all my attention into the second issue. Impressive it will be as well. I have content rolling in from all around the nation and I couldn't be more excited! The second issue will be geared toward the summer months, so you should be seeing a few bathing suits. Everybody loves bikinis, right? Right? Along with other summer looks, you'll still get a heapin' helpin' of pinup, alternative, even edgy, glamour and fashion.

I'm wrapping up a couple shoots here on the west coast to meet an early June deadline, and then I'll be looking through more submissions for the third and final issue of the year for Snap Matter. I already have the green light for an editorial and pictorial for Sonja Lux of Bella Morte Magazine in the third issue in September, so if you love the alternative feel behind Bella Morte Magazine... You're going to want to tune in to read about Sonja, the brains and beauty behind the publication.

I also have a few surprises planned for the summer months, but I will update you on those the closer we get to the heart of Summer. If you haven't joined the Snap Matter Magazine Network yet, it's free, it's easy, and growing with models, photographers and even fans of the magazine. Here is a personal invite to get on board early!

Have a great day, and be sure to check out the Snap Matter Magazine Facebook page as well!

Eric Courtney

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Last Chance! Photo Contest Deadline Tonight!

Snap Matter Magazine's first ever photo contest closes its online entry form tonight at 11:59 PM (Pacific Standard). One Grand Prize Winner will win $100! The winner will get his/her image published in the upcoming issue of Snap Matter Magazine (publishes on June 1). As of this posting there are just under 100 images in the pool, which is shocking because it is free to enter up to three images for free. That being said, the odds of winning at this point are not too bad at all.

Don't procrastinate any further. Put on your award winning photo goggles and start driving through your hard drives to find those images you're most proud of. It's easy to enter. For more information, contest structure and rules, go to the Photo Contest page on Good luck!

Also be sure to join the Snap Matter Network, and check out the Snap Matter Facebook page!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Snap Matter Magazine

So I have been just a little bit busy the last few months. I have been slinging the lens around as much as possible, but I have been working on something bigger and better than just showing off my photos to the world.

I can now add Publisher to my resume because on March 1, 2011, I released the first issue of Snap Matter Magazine. It is a quarterly magazine aimed at networking with photographers, models, artists, and designers. Anyone with an interest in fashion, glamour, pinup and alternative photography might be interested in this effort. It was more work than I originally planned, but it is rewarding work as it all came together. Please be sure to check it out on the remote publishing site to purchase the print edition.

I have also been writing and shooting for a column in the Vicious Betty's Magazine. The column is called Inside the Tunk Rock Studio, and the slant of the magazine is classic and modern Pin-up. The second issue is due out on April 1, 2011, and you can see it here when it releases. Or you can cruise over to their website to stay up to date to what is happening with them.

Speaking of second issues... The second issue of Snap Matter magazine will release on June 1, and there will be plenty of content from talented individuals from around the nation and over seas. I have been receiving content submissions from as far away as Spain and the UK since the first issue released, and a lot of it is very high quality work. Stay tuned!

Posts are few and far between here on Blogger, so if you're interested in submitting photos or just keeping up to date with the new project, go create an account on the Snap Matter Network. If you want updates as fast as they can possibly happen, make sure to go and LIKE the Snap Matter Facebook page.

Before I forget! Want a FREE chance to win $100? Go enter the Snap Matter Photo Contest! Enter up to three images for a chance to win cash and have your image published in the second issue of Snap Matter Magazine. It's a no-brainer!

Look forward to seeing your support!

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