Monday, January 11, 2010

Old Town Sacramento offers many opportunities for photography enthusiasts.

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If you have ever been to Old Sacramento, you know it is an experience you will not forget any time soon. Located along the Sacramento River, the area still expresses a historical feel to the days of the California Gold Rush. Today it is very popular to tourists and local residents looking for great shopping, entertainment, and dining. The area is also becoming very popular to photographers and photography enthusiasts searching for a great place to capture nice photographs.

Old Sacramento’s 28 acres provides seemingly endless opportunities to capture great photos, regardless of the style of photography pursued. The long brick alleys between historic structures provide great backdrops for fashion and commercial photography, while the old Transcontinental Railroad train tracks that run through town are a popular subject to shoot for local artists in a safe environment. The California State Railroad Museum is also a worthwhile visit for taking great photographs.

Naomi & Veronica - Rush to the Park

If the character of the town itself is not enough to get someone to point and shoot, a very short walk to the Sacramento River yields a beautiful skyline that includes Sacramento’s famous Tower Bridge. That particular area is very popular with tourists who want to capture a great moment to remember their visit. The river is a popular spot year around and very active during the summer months. Docked along the river in Old Town is the Delta King. The Delta King is an old sternwheeler riverboat that is now a hotel with a four star restaurant inside. It is a great location for photo opportunities, inside and out, and it is a favorite among local wedding photographers.

There are plenty of great examples to share, but the best opportunity photo enthusiasts can give themselves is a visit to Old Sacramento to check it out first-hand. Get a map and check out images of the area here:,%2BCA

Don’t forget your camera!

Sacramento Photography

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