Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sacramento Photographer Gets Artsy With Artistic Photographs

While keeping busy with my portrait photography in Sacramento as well as a few recent visits to San Jose and Santa Cruz for photo shoots of various models, I am also keeping my thirst for creating artistic photographs of the abstract and modernized varieties quenched. I like all kinds of photography, but every now and again I like to play with motion and light.

220/365 - Single Malt (fabric series)

I get a lot of people asking me how I get my artistic photographs to look like fine art work. It is really quite easy, and I hope to produce a detailed tutorial soon. While the post production work can be quite extensive to make the images effective looking, the process of getting the capture in your camera is very simple.

What I am doing to achieve this effect is nothing new or secretive to the photography world. I assure you it is very common, and all it requires is to set the shutter speed on your camera low enough to display motion in your images. If you're thinking you need to set up a tripod, you don't. The hand-held slow shutter speed is the magic behind the motion in these images.

215/365 - Crossing Worlds (piece #4)

The fun part about this type of artistic photography is that you may think you have an artistic photograph that is really good before you get to the post processing phase (editing) of creating the art, but then it doesn't turn out as well as you think it will. On the other end of the spectrum, more often then not, you will be pleasantly surprised by images captured that appear to have no meaningful use. Most my favorite pieces have been captures that I felt didn't stand a chance in the post process phase.

It is so cool when something special emerges from something you would typically delete before you upload your card to your computer. That being said, I question myself before I delete any images from the camera's memory card. It's almost like throwing away a lottery ticket before you scratch off the surface. It's probably a loser, but there is always a chance it's a winner.

217/365 - Intro to the 60s (TV Art Series)

I am hoping that I can squeeze enough time out of my schedule to do a lot more artistic photographs during the rapidly approaching winter. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts. I have information coming on a couple of dark shoots I have recently completed and have yet to do this month. Then I will be announcing my Holiday Packages. Great stuff coming soon! Thanks for reading.

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